Christian Wedding Crosses

A symbol of Christian union since the Middle Ages, the wedding cross contains rich symbolism - eternal love as portrayed by the unbroken circle of the wedding ring coupled with the loving presence of Christ are represented by the chi-rho cross or a simple cross. The two interlocking rings are viewed by medieval artists as a composite symbol of the commitment of two people towards each other to live, love and grow in God's gracious love. For a newly wedded couple of faith, a beloved wedding unity cross that represents their everlasting commitment to one another is the perfect addition to their home. Saint Patrick’s Guild is proud to provide a wide selection of wedding crosses for those in need of a gift for an upcoming wedding, or for those that wish to purchase their own to mark their special day.

Our inventory of wedding crosses includes those of varying sizes, materials, and designs, ensuring you find the option that fits just right with your personal style and decor of your home. The wedding unity crosses we carry are crafted from beautiful porcelain, resin, silver, and even wood, all of which are high quality and will not lose their luster of time. Many of the wedding cross options available from Saint Patrick’s Guild even have the option to be personalized with the names of the newlyweds in addition to the date of their union, offering an added special touch to this keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

Other offerings include inspirational worded crosses or a personalized message cross. Whether you choose to hang your wedding cross on wall in your home, or have a special shelf with which to display it, this visible representation of the vows you took will serve as a constant reminder to the love you share for one another under God. Browse through our incredible selection of wedding crosses today to find the one that perfectly suits the special couple you wish to celebrate.