St. Dymphna

St. Dymphna is a Christian martyr who is the patron saint of family harmony, insanity, nervous breakdowns, runaways, and rape victims. Her life has left a great impression and she is a wonderful model for us to live by. Celebrate the life of such a holy woman by honoring her with a St. Dymphna medal, a St. Dymphna necklace, a St. Dymphna prayer card or a St. Dymphna statue offered by St. Patrick's Guild. Any of these Saint Dymphna items will be a wonderful gift for anyone who shares her namesake or for a Confirmation candidate who has chosen her as an example to live by.

St. Dymphna was the daughter of a pagan king. When his wife died he declined mentally an, when advised by wicked counselors, he tried to marry his daughter Dymphna. Dymphna fled and when her father found her she was unwilling to marry him. In a rage, he killed her. The St Dymphna medal, the St. Dymphna necklace, the St. Dymphna prayer card or the St. Dymphna statue make great spiritual gifts for anyone who has a special devotion to Saint Dymphna and would be especially appropriate for a Confirmation candidate taking the Confirmation name of Dymphna.