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It's never too early to introduce reading through the wonderful world of baptism baby books! This section is devoted to books about being baptized, record baby books and parent guide books to ensure you have everything ready to welcome your child into the church. When you read comforting religious stories out of a First Prayer baptism book or a child's First Bible, children find comfort. You supply them with information on how the world is created in God's love. By the end of the day, infants and young children are filled with conflicting experiences. Reading a bedtime religious story about God bringing a baby to a family or how God made each soul soothes a tangled spirit. Reading Baptism books such as The Day You Were Baptized helps children understand their daily experience. Reading together gives parents and their child time to prepare, understand and explore what Baptism is all about together. Create some memories with the perfect baby baptism book in hand and your precious child cuddled next to you. The entire family finds comfort in God's plan and learning to read together.