Baby Baptism Books

This selection of religious baby gifts is dedicated to books about being baptized, record baby books, and parental guidance books to ensure that you have everything perfect for the important day when you welcome your child into the church. Your children will find comfort and understanding with religious stories from A First Prayer Baptism and A Child’s First Bible. Infants and young children are filled with curiosity and wonderment so by you supplying your children with information on how the world was created by God’s love, these stories will help to soothe their tangled spirits. 

We find that reading together gives children and their parents time to understand, explore, and prepare for what Baptisms and Christenings are all about. The entire family finds comfort in God’s plan by reading and learning together, and with our large selection at St. Patrick’s Guild, the opportunities are endless. It is never too early to introduce reading to your child such as with a wonderful baptism baby book! Create wonderful and lovely memories with your child cuddled next to you with a perfect baby baptism book. Since 1949, St. Patrick's Guild strives to provide the best shopping experience for your religious baptism gifts, church supplies, church goods, and much more. We offer the highest quality items at affordable prices. Explore our selection of baby Baptism books today! Questions? Please feel free to send us an email or give us a call!