Religious Games & Toys

St. Patrick’s Guild offers religious toys, inspirational games, and inspirational puzzles to encourage children to expand their faith. Learning about one’s faith through religious games and inspirational puzzles is a solid method to learn. Not only are your children entertained, but religious games provide opportunities of learning biblical characters and facts to expand their understanding of the bible. Religious toys and inspirational puzzles that range from talking Legos, stuffed animals to Bibleopoly to jigsaw puzzles, activity books and other board games are available from St. Patrick’s Guild. Religious games and inspirational puzzles provide your children a fun way to discover the roots of Christianity and the Catholic faith. St. Patrick’s Guild offers religious toys, religious games and inspirational puzzles for children of all ages from babies to teens.

Fr. Leopold is one of our very popular religious toys. Designed by a Catholic parent, children build everything with Legos for Fr. Leopold to conduct a Mass. There are even stoles for each of the 4 Church seasons that Fr. Leopold wears. Another popular pick among our religious toys is Playmobil’s Noah and the Ark set. Designed for ages 18 mos+ - 5 years, imagination is the door to learning about God’s covenant with Noah. The “Take Me Along” Noah and the Ark set is made for easy storage and transport. The deck lifts off making the inside of the Ark available to retrieve the animals. Clean up is easy with this practical and creative design.

Jigsaw puzzles are not what they used to be either. With companies making inspirational puzzles that turn out different than the picture on the box cover, your family will be challenged and delighted. Problem solving together is a great way to build skills in group problem solving. Inspirational puzzles require the brain to look at situations differently in order to sort and organize. We have inspirational puzzles for all ages. Some even have multi-sized puzzle pieces to include all family members. No matter what religious toys, games or inspirational puzzles you choose, your faith is expanded.