St. Brendan was born and died in Ireland. His is one of their early monastic saints and one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland. Called 'the Voyager' or 'the Navigator', Saint Brendan is renowned for his many missionary journeys by ship, one of which lasted seven years as is narrated in the widely circulated Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis or Voyage of St. Brendan the Abbot in AD900! St. Patrick's Guild carries a variety of items dedicated to St. Brendan including a St. Brendan medal, a St. Brendan statue, a St. Brendan necklace and a St. Brendan prayer card.

After becoming a monk and a priest, Brendan himself became an abbot, eventually founding many successful monasteries throughout Ireland. Not surprisingly, he is designated as the patron saint of sailors, navigators, mariners, seafarers, yachtsmen and two counties in Ireland, Kerry and Clonfert. Our St. Brendan medal, St. Brendan statue, St. Brendan necklace or St. Brendan prayer card would be a nice gift to give to one who has the name Brendan or to one who has chosen Brendan as his Confirmation saint name.