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Christian Liturgy Books

St. Patrick's Guild is a one-stop supplier for all the liturgical books you may need. We provide liturgical books that are required for Sunday services and beyond. For example, shop lectionaries, sacramentaries and Books of the Gospels. In addition, if you require children’s liturgy books, we carry these important liturgical books as well. Let’s not leave out the Liturgy of the Hours. We stock Liturgy of the Hours in a set or you may purchase each volume separately. Check out our wide selection of Christian liturgy books and you are sure to fine the ones that fit your needs.

Discounts on Quantity Book Purchases:

Buy 5-9 and Save 5%
Buy 10-24 and Save 10%
Buy 25-99 and Save 15%
Buy 100-249 and Save 20%
Buy 250 + and Save 25%