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Bibles & Missals

Find Bibles and Missals here at St. Patrick's Guild. St. Patrick's Guild carries updated Catholic Missals to meet the needs of individuals or the church. In addition, a wide variety of Bibles and bible translations are available. The Bible is translated by many and it can be a challenge to decide which translation to use for your Bible study or personal use. For Catholic bible study, the New American Bible translation is most often selected. We carry other bible translations such as New International Version, New Revised Standard Version, New Jerusalem Bible and the King James Bible plus more.

Simply check our Bible Translation Chart to more accurately discern which bible translation is best for your needs. Find any Catholic missals you need or call us if you are searching for something specific. We carry bible accessories to enhance your experience of studying the bible. Our bible accessories include a Bible Concordance, Bible covers, highlighters and Bible index tabs.

Discounts on Quantity Book Purchases:

Buy 5-9 and Save 5%
Buy 10-24 and Save 10%
Buy 25-99 and Save 15%
Buy 100-249 and Save 20%
Buy 250 + and Save 25%