Our Lady of Guadalupe

Are you looking for more ways to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe? Then let St. Patrick’s Guild assist you! We have a wide array of statues and rosaries depicting Our Lady of Guadalupe, as well as holy cards. Statues are one of the ways that we honor God and our Saints. This is no different than honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe. We proudly display her statues, rosaries, and holy cards as a reminder of our love and respect for her.

 Adorn your home with a statue such as this beautiful Our Lady of Guadalupe 4" Resin Statue that will look lovely placed on a mantle, shelf, or as a centerpiece. Necklaces like this Our Lady Guadalupe Medal Necklace, 18 Inch Chain are a great way to have a reminder of her love for you at all times. Statues and necklaces are not all that St. Patrick's Guild has to offer though. In our collection we have stickers, visor clips, and more.

 Browse the Our Lady of Guadalupe collection today to see all that we have to offer and see how you can grow closer to God. St. Patrick's Guild takes pride in helping our customers on their journey with Christ. Still have questions about the Our Lady of Guadalupe collection? Contact us today or send us an email so we can further assist you. Our knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to answer all of your questions.