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Spanish Gifts & Books

St. Patrick's Guild carries a nice selection of Spanish Catholic gifts and Spanish Catholic books. For example, our selection includes children’s Spanish books such as Spanish bibles and First Communion gifts. Our Spanish Catholic gift selections feature Our Lady of Guadalupe in a variety of options that suit every budget. There are statues of Our Lady of Guadalupe for children, adults, and churches. We have beautiful necklaces, holy cards and even a window sticker. Spanish Holy cards are popular Spanish Catholic gifts with our customers, too.

Spanish Catholic books are available for liturgy and personal use. St. Patrick’s Guild carries everything you need for your mass services to books for children at home. The Baptismal Ritual, Roman Missal and other essential Spanish Catholic books are ready for your purchase. Check out the variety of Spanish Catholic books offered at St. Patrick's Guild and ask us if you do not see what you need. We are resourceful and work to meet your needs.