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Sacrament Prep Books

  • Catechism of the Seven Sacraments O'Neill

    Product DescriptionCatechism of the Seven Sacraments Comic book design and Lego™ blocks make book attractive to younger children From teachings of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVIProduct DetailsCatechism of the Seven Sacraments, by Kevin and Mary O'Neill,...

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  • A Pocket Guide to Confession Dubruiel, Michael

    Michael Dubruiel addresses his booklet A Pocket Guide to Confession to five different kinds of people: those who confess regularly, those who are becoming Catholic, those making their First Confession, those who have not been to Confession for awhile and...

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  • Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments Pope Francis

    "The sacraments are not mere appearances, they are not rituals; they are the power of Christ; Jesus Christ is present in the sacraments. Pope Francis" In Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments, Pope Francis refers to the Church as the Communion of Saints and...

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  • Celebrating Marriage

    Product DescriptionCelebrating Marriage: A Workbook for Engaged Couples Revised 4th Edition Must have workbook for marriage preparation Perfect for individual use or great parish resourceProduct DetailsCelebrating Marriage: A Workbook for Engaged Couples...

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  • The Sacraments Lovasik, Father

    The book, The Sacraments, gives a nice explanation and meanings of the 7 Sacraments in the Catholic church. With an explanation of what the sacraments are, what they mean, why we have them and why we are encouraged to participate in them, this book helps...

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  • Sacrament Of Reconciliation Winkler, Rev. Jude

    Product DescriptionThe Sacrament of Reconciliation Features stories of forgiveness Includes examination of conscience and Act of ContritionProduct DetailsThe Sacrament of Reconciliation is a children's book in the series written by Fr. Lawrence Lovasik...

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  • How to Make a Good Confession Kane, John A.

    Many books can be found on the steps to take to make a good confession. How to Make a Good Confession by John Kane goes further. He presents chapters on "how to acquire soul-restoring attitudes of mind and soul so that you can be truly prepared when you...

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  • Communion of the Sick

    Product DescriptionCommunion of the Sick Church's teachings on proper distribution Newly revisedProduct DetailsThis pamphlet, Communion of the Sick, describes the Church's teachings on proper Communion distribution for the sick. It is newly revised...

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  • Together At Baptism Paperback Hamma, Robert M

    Together at Baptism/I> gives you much, if not all, of the information you need and want for the Baptism of a child. Information is given on just about everything from the service itself to what to look for in the Godparents you choose. Together at...

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  • Rite Of Penance

    Product DescriptionRite of Penance Includes rites for various situations and liturgical seasons Includes examination of conscienceProduct DetailsThis book, Rite of Penance, has just about everything needed to conduct a penance service. Rite of Penance...