Shop our collection of Christian garden decor for both indoor and outdoor inspiration. Life the spirit of family and friends with a bird feeder, wind chime, memorial stone, garden stake and more. We offer many styles of stepping stones and Christian garden decor statues as well. Celtic styling adds a specific beauty to several of our Christian garden decor items. 

A lot of people feel the presence of God intensely when they are out in the garden or immersed in nature. That is why so many customers enjoy our Christian garden decor in their home gardens or gifting to their gardening friends. St. Fiacre of Breuil is the patron saint of vegetable growers, gardeners in general and medicinal plants. He grew up in an Irish Catholic monastery, and later became a monk and then an aboot. His relationship with plants, including herbal medicines, made him so sought after that he decided to move to France. Therefore, his life is evidence that God is engaged in gardens as the healing miracles of St. Fiacre became widespread knowledge. Honor your plants and faith with Christian garden decor gifts from St. Patrick’s Guild today.