St. Florian

St. Florian was a distinguished Roman officer during the early fourth century known for his bravery. When it was found out that he was a Christian, he was offered the chance to honor the Roman gods. He refused and was sentenced to death where he bravely died for his faith. St. Patrick's Guild carries a variety of items which can be purchased for anyone with the name of Florian and in honor of St. Florian including a St. Florian medal, a St. Florian statue, a St. Florian necklace and a St. Florian pendant.

Florian was noted for organizing fire brigades while in the army and sources tell of St. Florian saving a town with a single bucket of water. He is thus known as the patron saint of firefighters so the Saint Florian statue or medal would be a nice gift to give to someone who is a firefighter. Many young men also choose St. Florian for their Confirmation saint with the intent of emulating his good qualities so some of the items would be appropriate gifts to give for that occasion also. St. Florian is honored throughout central Europe especially in Austria.