Confirmation is an important milestone in a young Christian's life after baptism. They are old enough to make a conscious decision to participate in the sacrament in which they publicly affirm their commitment to God. Thus, the path of adulthood begins to both strengthen and deepen their spiritual journey. This rite of passage is one that is cherished for a lifetime in the hearts and memories of all who witness this joyous occasion. Many friends and family members choose to commemorate this important sacrament with a piece of Confirmation jewelry. Confirmation jewelry provides a daily reminder of his or her decision to become an adult in the church. Gifting one of our beautiful pieces of Christian Confirmation jewelry allows you to support them in a meaningful way. Saint Patrick’s Guild is a leading provider of religious jewelry to faithful members of Christianity across the country. Our inventory for men, women and children is unmatched. We offer one of a kind pieces that are hard to find elsewhere. Our collection of Christian Confirmation jewelry includes everything from saint medals to sports medals, crosses to Confirmation necklaces, birthstone rings to woven bracelets, and so much more.

We even offer Irish-themed Confirmation jewelry for those that wish to celebrate their Irish heritage during this important religious step. We have the ideal gift for that newly-confirmed Christian in your life! For Confirmation jewelry that commemorates the ceremony we carry various designs of the Confirmation dove pendant for girls and 4-way pendants featuring the Holy Spirit in the center, for boys. In addition, we carry a wide assortment of attractive medals and pendants in 14 karat gold, sterling silver and gold-plated over a sterling base. We offer religious jewelry for every type of budget, too. We strive to bring you Confirmation jewelry gifts in each price point that is crafted as well as possible. Of course, if the Confirmation jewelry you select is going to be worn daily, we highly recommend purchasing a gift that is made of the finest materials that are designed to withstand daily wear. However, if you are buying Confirmation jewelry that is not for a lifelong keepsake, we have a nice selection and price for this purpose.

At Saint Patrick's Guild we take great pride in our Confirmation jewelry and we are happy to provide you with a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary, so that there is something for every new young person being Confirmed. Take advantage of our personalization service on the Patron Saint medals and St. Christopher Sports medals. This makes the Confirmation jewelry gift extra special and shows your love in a personal way. Personalization information is on each of the Patron Saint or St. Christopher Sports medal product pages. Please contact us at 1-800-652-9767 or if you need any assistance with your order.