Customer Reviews


        St. Patrick's Guild has the pleasure of serving customers across the Nation.

        Here are some kind words they have to say...


                "I just want to send a quick message and tell you we really enjoyed chatting with you last week,
                 Thursday, when we stopped in for every last jar of your Irish mustard...and a few other things too! 
                 The very next day our son, Ryan, called to tell us that he and his finace were tired of trying to
                  plan a wedding around the uncertainties with COVID, and were going to get married the next
                 day - Saturday!  
                  When they called us, it was about 3:00 Friday afternoon and he didn't even have a ring yet because
                  this was very last minute.  We told them we had just been to your store and they should go check it
                  out to see if by any chance there was a ring that he liked.  There was!  He found a beautiful
                  (am I allowed to say that about a man's ring?) Claddaugh silver band - and it was his size! 
                  It was the perfect November wedding in Minnesota - a bonfire in a friend's backyard with the snow gently
                  falling, and very stress-free - it was perfect!  And Ryan had a ring!  The final touch. I guess God knew to
                  send us to your shop that particular day to find mustard so we could tell Ryan the next day so he could have
                  a ring for his wedding day.  God really does work in mysterious ways!  I love it! 
                  Loni Lucas 
                  A descendant of "settlers" from Northern Ireland 


                       "I just received my sister’s Confirmation box and am thrilled with how it turned out and with how quickly

                               you sent it! Thank you times a million and God Bless.

                               Ms. Hernandez


                        "Thank you very much for your help in getting these beautiful cruets here to our cathedral so quickly and well packaged.

                               Your kindness is very appreciated. May God bless you, your family, and all of your endeavors this Christmas season and 

                                New Year."

                                  Fr. Dalton


                         "We just received our Advent wreath! It’s beautiful! Thank you so much! Don’t be surprised if people start ordering it,

                                lol, I shared it in a Catholic Decor group, as well as my personal page! God bless!"


                                         "Thank you so much for taking care of my order! I was really happy you had everything I wanted! So, Thank you!

                                   so much! I appreciated all the telephone help I had from Anna! God Bless!"


                                  "Thanks so very much. I actually had this cross and I lost it. It got me through a very rough time of my life, \

                                    and I’ve carried it in my pocketbook ever since. I went to take it out of my pocketbook to bring it in with me while

                                    I was having some x-rays done, and realized it was no longer there. I panicked; it was like I lost a piece of myself.

                                    So I thought, let me look on social media to see if I could find it. Never in a million years did I ever think I could find it.

                                     When I searched “pocket crosses with sayings“ there it was. It was the first one on the page. I have never been so grateful

                                     and so relieved. I immediately thanked Jesus and St. Patrick’s Guild. Again, I thank you so much. Stay safe and may God

                                     bless you. With all my gratitude."

                                     Melanie LaBella


                                             "The package arrived this morning.Thank you so much!

                                       The hosts are pleasingly thin and light and so nicely embossed.

                                        I’m very glad I found your website and I’m very grateful for your kind assistance and prompt delivery.

                                        Oh, and the incense is perfect, too!  God reward you all at St. Patrick’s Guild Store,"

                                                Most Reverend Peter A. Libasci - Bishop of Manchester


                                      "I just want to say that I received my order today. Love it! I will keep you in mind for the future,

                                         for sure. Thank you again and for being so nice on the phone when I called to change the address

                                         on my order. All was great. I will definitely recommend you. The 4 leaf clover is a great gift for

                                         someone! I have had mine now for close to 35 years, if not longer!"

                                                 Maryann Selvaggi


                                         "Just to let you know that I received the two crosses today - they are sooooooooooo very nice - thank you

                                           so much for always having 'just the right things' - please stay safe and well –"

                                           Jann Diley


                                          "I am writing today to say that, once again, the folks at St. Patrick's Guild have surpassed my expectations! 

                                            I placed an order for gluten-free communion wafers, to be mailed to my office at the University of Minnesota. 

                                            It was unfortunately back ordered.  In the meantime, the corona-virus hit and my office at the University 

                                            was closed.  But I forgot to contact you to tell you to reroute the package directly to the church.  This morning

                                            I received an email that my package had shipped, and I realized it would be going to the U.  I called

                                            immediately and reached Joel, and he managed to quickly and efficiently reroute the package to the church.


                                            Each and every time I have contacted anyone in your store, the service has been wonderful.  From the woman

                                            answering the phone to the folks in shipping and everyone in between, your staff have been a shining example

                                            of retail at its best.  And everyone in church goods especially has been beyond compare.  Mark DePalma and

                                            his colleagues are amazing!  Thank you for all you do and please stay well!"



                                         "Just wanted to let you know we received our order yesterday in plenty of time!!  Both items are wonderful. 

                                           The quality is outstanding.  They look better than they appear online.  I'm sure our grandchildren will love

                                           their gifts.  Thanks you so much for your great service!!"

                                           Carol Rubner


                                        "Cha, our administrator, forwarded me your email that you were able to re-route our palms and our Paschal candle.

                                          I can't imagine how chaotic your life has been trying to handle all these congregations and their Holy Week worries

                                          and even figuring out what to do.


                                          We are deeply grateful to you, and to St. Patrick's Guild, for your care for our people in this mess. I don't know 

                                          if we'll be able to use the palms, but we'll definitely need the Paschal candle as soon as we can gather again.

                                          Your kindness is hugely appreciated and responsible for this grace we hope to have sooner rather than later. 

                                          Blessings to you, and please keep safe!"

                                          Fr. Joseph Crippen


                                        "I cannot thank you enough for your prompt service.  Thank you."

                                         Lyla Lovdal


                                       "Gee, you didn't have to rush on that Claddagh notecard order...but you DID!  

                                        So nice of you...all.  Many thanks; I'll be able to send my gratitude for Christmas

                                         gifts, very properly,  on these notes.   I am grateful.   Happy Holidays ALL.  

                                         June Comer


                                        "I am very happy with my purchase.  I am a CCD Teacher and the store I normally go to has closed because 

                                          of the virus. I did a search on some of the holy cards and baby items and your site came up.  I'm so happy 

                                          to have found you. Your customer service is a bonus and makes dealing with online companies feel more 

                                          personal. It's the nature of your business to care, however, some larger businesses have lost that caring along 

                                          the way. Normally when it is a family run and can stay small, the employees are carefully selected to represent

                                          the family values and intentions to serve the public.

                                          Thanks for caring."

                                           Marcianne Wilkes


                                         "Thank you so much for the information about my order’s tracking.  We delivered the crosses to my congregation’s

                                           shut-ins, and they loved them!  A blessed Christmas to you and yours." 



                                          "I am replying to your card regarding my recent order.  The “Let’s Go to Church” play set was awesome! 

                                            I say my 4 year old granddaughter open it for her birthday and she started playing with it right away. 

                                           The past few years, I used to shop in Indianapolis with a very impressive religious store.  We have nothing 

                                           comparable in Cleveland. I looked online there, but did not see anything, so I searched on Amazon and came

                                           across your product.  My daughter asked that I buy a “Catholic toy” and she was quite pleased grandma’s

                                           choice! Thanks for sending me the invoice also and I will surely look you up for future purchases!"

                                           Nancy Walsh


                                      "Thank you.  I already received order confirmation and shipment tracking!  GREAT service!

                                          We are so excited.  I am the STREAM teacher....R is for Religion. We have a Lego Wall and do lots
                                          of Lego activities, so I am very excited to be able to add this set to our school collection."


                                           "Just a satisfied customer  ;-)"