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Christian Books & Music

Here at Saint Patrick's Guild, we know that books and music deepen your spiritual journey. That's why we are committed to stocking a wide selection of Christian Books and Music to ensure that you'll find whatever you are looking for. We carry all the latest releases, including Liturgical documents and Papal Encyclicals. Whether you are interested in Christian Classics or the latest Christian bestseller, we know that our selection of Christian Books is second to none.

Without a doubt, the most popular Christian Book is the Bible. At Saint Patrick's Guild, we carry Bibles of all sizes, styles, and translations. Whether it's a pocket bible for quick on-the-go reading or an Heirloom quality leather Bible, we can help you find what you are looking for.

Need help or can't find the exact book you are looking for? Call one of our helpful customer service persons toll free at 1-800-652-9767.

Discounts on Quantity Book Purchases:

Buy 5-9 and Save 5%
Buy 10-24 and Save 10%
Buy 25-99 and Save 15%
Buy 100-249 and Save 20%
Buy 250 + and Save 25%