St. Paul

While there are over 130 St. Pauls, the most infamous is Paul of Tarsus. He is one of the most influential figures in spreading the message of the Gospels, especially to the Gentiles. St. Paul traveled all through Asia Minor and Europe. This demonstrates how God’s love can transform our hearts since he was a fierce persecutor of the early Christians. St. Patrick’s Guild offers St. Paul gifts that are perfect for Confirmation, First Communion and other special religious occasions. In addition, a St. Paul medal or St. Paul statue is a meaningful gift for theologians, authors, journalists, publishers, writers, hospital public relations personnel and travelers.

St. Paul gifts offered by St. Patrick’s Guild provide you special gifts for anyone with a religious vocation, those serving in missionary work or in education. The life journey of St. Paul is truly inspiring and provides hope that all of us within the reach of God’s love. Keeping a St. Paul statue nearby or wearing a St. Paul medal necklace is another way to stay reminded that faith moves mountains. Share the inspiration of St. Paul with gifts from St. Patrick’s Guild.