Christian Jewelry

One of the best ways to display your faith is by wearing it. We offer a wide selection of Christian Jewelry that can help you do just that here at St. Patrick’s Guild. We have jewelry ranging from simple cross pendants to four-way medals. Our wide selection of Christian jewelry ensures that you will find exactly the right piece to fully express your faith.

Patron Saint Medals are one of the most popular styles of Catholic Jewelry in our line. These finely crafted sterling silver medals depict various Patron Saints and serve as the perfect reminder of guidance and protection we receive from them. A majority of our saint medals are available in small or large sizes. Each sterling silver Patron Saint Medal comes packaged with a sterling silver chain in a deluxe green gift box. With Patron Saints ranging from Saint Aaron to Saint Zachary, you will find the perfect medal to fit your needs.

We pride ourselves on having a wide selection of Christian & Catholic Jewelry because we want to please each of the individual needs of our customers here at St. Patrick’s Guild. Shop Saint Patrick’s Guild for a wide selection of Christian and Catholic Jewelry to share your faith with creativity!