Memorial Candles

Your loved one’s grave is a sacred place where friends and family can visit to share in their spirit and memory. Just as you’ve taken great care and attention to selecting a headstone that best reflects the loved one lost, maintaining this special place to families of faith is highly valued. Saint Patrick’s Guild makes memorializing loved ones easy with our vast selection of cemetery memorial candles and cemetery candle holders. St. Patrick's Guild's memorial candle fixtures are constructed from long-lasting, durable plastic to protect your light from wind and rain, and come with a spike for easy display at your loved-one's site. The expertly designed spikes of the cemetery candle holders in our collection will remain in place despite adverse weather, so you can rest assured knowing your tribute to your loved one will not be damaged or lost. We also carry candle inserts for convenient removal and replacement of consumed candles. The cemetery candle holders we offer come in a variety of colors including red and blue, as well as in a variety of designs such as intricate brass filigree or simple gold detailing. Housed in the cemetery candle holder you select is a special outdoor candle capable of burning for up to 7 days. The candles we offer have been approved for use within most cemeteries. The team at Saint Patrick’s Guild is always committed to ensuring you find the quality, affordable items that fit your exact wants and needs. For assistance in choosing the right cemetery candle holders and cemetery candles, contact a Saint Patrick’s Guild representative today. Honoring a loved one is an important part of keeping their spirit alive. With the soft glow of the cemetery candle holder and cemetery candle you purchase, you will enjoy a calming and gentle reminder that they remain very much alive in the hearts of those they touched.