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Classic Christian Books

St. Patrick's Guild carries many of the Christian books considered to be classics. These include among others Henri Nouwen, St. Benedict, St. Ignatius and titles like The Imitation of Christ. You will find many of these much loved and respected books in our book department.

  • City of God St. Augustine

    Product DescriptionCity of God Classic work of St. Augustine Written as a defense of the faithProduct DetailsCity of God, one of the great theological works of St. Augustine, is considered to be one of the most influential documents in the development...

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  • Sacrament of the Present Moment de Causadde

    Product DescriptionSacrament of the Present Moment 300 year old classic book of spiritual guidance Timeless spiritual reflectionsProduct Details300 years ago Jean Pierre de Causadde, a member of the Society of Jesus, wrote Self Abandonment to Divine...

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  • Las Vidas de Los Santos

    Catholic Book Publishing offers Las Vidas de Los Santos by Hugo Hoever, the Spanish edition of their popular Lives of the Saints. The book is a hardcover book and features a saint for each day of the year. The saints are arranged in the book according to...

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  • Imitacion de Cristo

    Product DescriptionImitacion de Cristo Spanish edition of classic Thomas a Kempis book Encourages living better Christian life by following JesusProduct DetailsImitation of Christ, the classic book by Thomas a Kempis, is one of the most popular and well...

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  • Imitation of Mary Thomas a Kempis

    Product DescriptionImitation of Mary Author Thomas a Kempis How to use Mary as example to live deep spiritual lifeProduct DetailsImitation of Christ is one of the best known, most read books of Christian faith written by Thomas a Kempis. Imitation of...

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  • The Miracle and the Message

    2017 was the 100th anniversary of the appearance of Mary to the three children at Fatima. In his book The Miracle and the Message: 100 Years of Fatima John C. Preiss gives the reader not just a history lesson but a way to "claim the message of Fatima in...

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  • Bridgework Forliti, Fr. John

    Bridgework Forliti, Fr. John

    Fr. John Forliti has lived in and served the Archdioces of Saint Paul and Minneapolis in a variety of positions since his ordination in 1962. His new book, Bridgework Moments in Ministry One Priest's Journey of Faith and Service, relates stories of his...

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