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Is there anything more precious than the ChristmasNativity set and stable? The Nativity stable is one of the most basic attributes in the Nativity story: the Nativity creche, the simplest of accommodations, shelters Baby Jesus born in Bethlehem on Christmas morning. A Nativity set and stable is an important symbol commemorating the birth of Jesus is a meaningful gesture for persons of faith, and can be done at home or church. Complete your Nativity scene with one of the unique stables or creches from Saint Patrick’s Guild. We carry high quality, durable nativity set with stables offering the perfect dwelling place for your Nativity figurines. Our inventory includes a variety of Nativity set and stable styles, from the simplistic wood design, to those adorned with moss for an added realistic touch. To ensure you find just the right stable or nativity set to suit your needs, we offer stables and creches in a variety of sizes and materials so that you can find one that perfectly accents your Nativity figures. Our stock includes many complete nativity set and stable designs.


Whether you’re looking to make a grand impact and showcase the beloved nativity scene, or, if you prefer a smaller and more subtle approach to your decorations, we have an option just for you. In addition, our customer service can order a nativity set and stable that you might have in mind. Be sure to ask us about a creche nativity set that you are looking for. A nativity set with stable from Saint Patrick’s Guild is sure to hold up over time and with continued used, thanks to their expert design. Our Nativity stables range from small wooden creches that are perfect for indoor use, and large stables that have been designed to endure the outdoor winter elements for your outdoor Nativity set. Whether setting up a nativity scene with nativity stable is a cherished tradition during the holidays, or if you wish to install a large nativity stable as a permanent display at your place of worship, you’ve come to the right place. Shop our incredible selection of nativity stables and nativity stable creches today and find the perfect option for your family or congregation.