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  • Black Glass Bead Mens Rosary

    Black Glass Bead Mens Rosary

    Spend some quality time with Mary when you pray with this black glass bead men's rosary and ask for Her intercession. Meditate upon the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous Mysteries while...
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  • Black Glass Bead Rosary

    Black Glass Bead Rosary

    If you are looking for an attractive rosary for the special man in your life you might appreciate this rosary which has black glass beads with a sterling silver crucifix and 4 way medal center...
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  • Black Walnut Wall Crucifix- 10"

    Black Walnut Wall Crucifix- 10"

    The young man of faith in your life- whether it is a grandchild, nephew, or Godson- needs a handsome crucifix of his own to display in his bedroom in order to make a bold statement of where he stands...
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  • Blue & White Pearl Rosary

    Blue & White Pearl Rosary

    This is a stunning rosary to use to pray one of the most popular and beloved prayers of the Catholic Church. The rosary has stunning blue pearl beads and a deluxe, ornate, pewter crucifix and...
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  • Blue Boy Crib Cross

    Blue Boy Crib Cross

    A lovely way to give a new baby your continued blessings is with this pewter crib cross. The pewter of the crib cross is unleaded out of concern for the child's safety. The crib cross is designed...
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  • Blue Cloisonne Bracelet

    Blue Cloisonne Bracelet

    Product Description Perfect  gift for women who pray the rosary Features blue cloisonné beads A gift that’s enjoyed each day Product Details This unique one-decade rosary bracelet...
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  • Blue Corded Bracelet

    Blue Corded Bracelet

    Product Description Designed with boys in mind Great First Communion bracelet for young boys Adjustable fit Product Details The color, design and materials used make this bracelet a nice gift to...
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  • Blue Crystal Capped Rosary

    Blue Crystal Capped Rosary

    Heighten your spiritual life with this extraordinary blue crystal capped rosary that can only deepen your faith and increase your connection to the Lord. Reflect upon the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious,...
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