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First Communion Gift Guide for Boys

First Communion Gift Guide for Boys


Searching for First Communion gift ideas? Read on! Today’s post will focus on boys’ gifts, but let’s consider the celebration around First Communion. Like many religious occasions, First Communion encompasses time-honored traditions, such as preparation rituals, specific attire, and the giving of mementos and gifts to celebrate the occasion. These gifts and mementos tend to be religious, spiritual, or reflective in nature. Gatherings at church or home tend to mark the occasion and this is where gifts are given. However, some gifts are given before if they are meant to be used and/or worn on the day of the sacrament.

If you have a boy to celebrate, here are a handful of specific First Communion gift ideas to consider.

The “Classic”: Rosary and missal sets are an exceedingly meaningful gift. They demonstrate to the boy that he’s ready to engage more with his faith. A black missal and rosary set are the standard choice for boys, but white is also available. Individual rosaries (without the missal) are also a good choice if you’re looking for something classic. Keepsake boxes and pouches go along well with a First Communion rosary.

Accessories: Boys may enjoy treating the First Communion day as an occasion to dress up; a chalice and grape lapel pin or cross tie clip are simple and meaningful accompaniments to First Communion attire. They are also affordable for those on a budget. The best part is that these accessories can continue to be worn to Mass each Sunday, so both are truly useful gifts. If you want to give something after the sacrament, i.e. not something intended to be worn that day, then perhaps a saint medal would work. Most children this age have a few saints they know well and admire. Ask their parents and then choose a medal that can remind them of that religious role model.

Personalize It: Personalized gifts can come in many forms. A favorite is a simple wood cross with a name, date, and a kneeling boy. A colorful sacramental name print is more unique and colorful and can be used for many, many years. Children love seeing their names on something so special! First Communicants are also at an age (7-9) where they are choosing their own decor in bedrooms, so something personal to them is sure to be a hit.

Make It Fun: While it is true that most First Communion gift ideas have a religious slant that does not mean the gift has to be serious. If your relationship with the boy is more fun loving, find an educational but interesting game or DVD. As long as it supports the child’s faith life and helps him learn, it is would be an excellent choice.

Cash: A card and a small amount of cash is an acceptable choice. Children love having a bit of independent spending money and they deserve it after the preparations for First Communion. Or, if cash alone doesn’t feel right to you, tuck in something small, like a prayer card or pocket token. A gift card to St. Patrick’s Guild, where most gifts are spiritual or religious, is also an option; the boy gets to pick his own present, but the choices are limited to items that are more “in line” with the sacramental celebration.

Guides can only help so much, though, so be sure to consider the little boy’s personality and interests first and foremost. Then examine your own budget and relationship with the child. Then use this post as your final step, your supporting guide. Happy shopping!