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Choosing a Gift for Godparents

Choosing a Gift for Godparents


Godparents are key figures in any baptismal celebration. Baptism is a sacrament in which all Christian churches partake, although when and how it is carried out differs. In the Catholic church, baptism – or Christening – usually occurs during infancy, although older children or adults who convert can also receive the sacrament. Baptism is the remission of original sin and the Holy Spirit’s inaugural mark on a life. The baptismal sacrament begins a Catholic child’s path towards the other sacraments and a rich faith life.

At a baptism, at least one non-parent must be presented as a sponsor, otherwise known as a godparent. Most parents choose two godparents, one of each gender, a godmother and a godfather. A godparent must serve as an example and role model in the church, while actively supporting the child in their Catholic and life endeavors.

Given the important role of a godparent, it is customary to present them with a gift on the day of Baptism. A godparent gift is generally modest but sentimental - after all, one of life’s greatest honors is to be asked to play such a role in a child’s life. Each godparent is unique, though, and their godparent gift should be as well.

Consider the following:

  • Godmother or godfather? While many godparent gifts are not gender specific, a few do represent exclusively the godfather or godmother relationship.
  • Hobbies? An engraved bookmark is a great choice for the godfather that reads; a You Are Special plate or mug is a fit for the foodie godparent.
  • Home environment or decor? Many godparent gifts are meant to be displayed, so consider their tastes, which are pretty evident if you’ve spent time in their home. For example, some godparent decor gifts are going to be more casual than others and would fit better in a laid-back environment than fancier items.

Really, though, you have already given the godparent the greatest gift of all - the opportunity to love and nurture your child and his or her faith. Select a godparent gift as a way to remember the special day, but know that it has been special enough already, no matter what you choose.