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A Child’s First Communion: A Gift-Giving Guide

A Child’s First Communion: A Gift-Giving Guide


Start with gender – Many First Communion gifts are gender neutral, like keepsake boxes, holy cards, and youth Bibles. However, First Communion gifts specific to boys might include missals and rosaries in boyish colors; girls, on the other hand, might appreciate religious jewelry. Think about the recipient – does she like more girlish items, or is she more of a tomboy? Does the First Communion boy have more masculine interests or does he like a wide variety of things? Answering these questions will help you decide whether your gift should be gender specific.

Think about age and maturity, too! – While most First Communicants are seven years old, some are a bit older. And not all seven year olds exhibit identical or even similar levels of maturity. Is the child responsible enough to handle expensive/precious items? What is the reading level of the intended recipient? What kind of games are they able to understand and play? These areas of skill and maturity are all worth considering when selecting a First Communion gift, or you may end up with something that is too old or young for the recipient.

Personality definitely matters – Beyond a child’s gender and age, a gift giver must consider what the recipient enjoys. A playful little girl would benefit from First Communion board games. A communion coloring book is the perfect gift choice for a boy who loves art. A book worm would relish a new missal or religious book. The best First Communion gift for a boy who enjoys sports might be a St. Christopher (patron saint of sports!) medal.

Examine your relationship with the recipient – If you are particularly close with the child, a more substantial or noteworthy First Communion gift might be appropriate. Whereas, if your relationship with the child is more distant or indirect, a simple or inexpensive First Communion gift might make more sense. Those who share a special relationship with the First Communicant may also consider gifting an item of clothing or jewelry that the child can wear during the ceremony, like a tie, veil, or jewelry. This requires giving the First Communion gift early, but the recipient usually appreciates displaying a special something on the big day.

Other “miscellaneous” factors – The above should point you in the general direction of a great First Communion gift for that special boy or girl. But you can also consider two additional factors. First, a parish’s level of formality will set the tone for the day and can help guide your choice. First Communion toys, for example, might complement a more laid-back church community, whereas rosaries or other more directly spiritual items would mesh much better with a child accustomed to a more traditional church community. Secondly, your First Communion gift could incorporate the child’s family traditions if you know them.

Happy shopping!